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SLJ Productions & Elohim Beats is a business of many entities and helps people all over the United States of America. The services offered here are:sljandelohimbeatsproductions@yahoo.com

. Music courses to teach students how to become music producers, write, sing, and play music. We have a special program for low-income students.

· SLJ Productions & Elohim Beats: Music Production, Recording Studio & Record Label; producing music that is inspirational and positive. Anointed Worship and Christian Rap with a bit of a jazz feel is produced at this label.

· ExAlt Ministry: Provides worship music as well as Counseling services

. Music is originals and for purchase.

OH Wow

Ready to Bang

dare ya.mp3

Note: Once you have purchased a song or track, or T-Shirt, it will no longer be available for others to purchase. You can also purchase the Master and rights of your project if you are not a signed Artist.